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Research integrity

The University of Gloucestershire is committed to the Concordat for Research Integrity and Ethics.

We pride ourselves on being an academic community which is student-centred, learning-led, and research-informed, and we undertake research in carefully selected priority areas aligned to our academic strategy and research strengths.

Professor David James, Dean of Academic Development, is the lead for research and is the executive lead in this area.

In signing up to the Concordat, we have agreed to an action plan to further improve, and the progress against this plan will be reviewed by council annually.​

Our established research ethics arrangements, led by the university Research Ethics Committee, promote the importance of research integrity.

The independent person for any concerns or queries relating to research integrity matters is the Chair of the Committee, Dr Emily Ryall​. 

Our Integrity and Ethics Committee, chaired by the Deputy Vice Chancellor, has oversight of the University Integrity and Ethics Policy Framework.

The University aims to empower, support and motivate employees to achieve their potential, which is reflected in the ambitions of the People and Culture Strategy.

For those occasions where it is necessary to deal with potential misconduct (including research misconduct and whistleblowing), HR procedures are in place and available to staff on Staffnet.