Staff Profiles: Dr. Adrian Long

Dr. Adrian Long

Staff Profile: Dr. Adrian Long
Senior Lecturer in Theology and Biblical Studies

Dr. Adrian Long

Dr. Adrian Long

Senior Lecturer in Theology and Biblical Studies

Religious, Philosophical and Historical Studies

Biblical and theological perspectives offer sometimes surprising, sometimes problematic insights on what it means to be human. I’m fascinated by the hard questions they provoke for understanding who we are and how we might live.


I’ve always thought that the broader your understanding, the more profound your grasp of a concept or situation will be. Theology and biblical studies are disciplines which throw the net wide, encouraging us to understand ourselves, our world and culture, as well as historical texts and contexts, in light of one another. My interest is in exploring how these things fit together, in helping students to ask the hard questions which challenge and unpick those relationships.


Award Title Institution Date
BA (Hons) Geography University of Portsmouth 1990
BA (Hons) Theology London School of Theology 1995
MA Aspects of Biblical Interpretation London School of Theology 1997
PhD Paul and Human Rights: A Dialogue with the Father of the Corinthian Community University of Gloucestershire 2005

Membership of professional bodies

British New Testament Society

Teaching and research


Across the range of biblical and theological studies, especially in New Testament and contextual theologies.


Undergraduate, Postgraduate


The socio-political use, abuse and significance of biblical texts, particularly the Pauline letters and Luke-Acts. Contemporary and biblical pneumatology.

External responsibilities

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University of Middlesex