Staff Profiles: James Dalby

James Dalby

Staff Profile: James Dalby
Academic Course Leader in Media Production

James Dalby

James Dalby

Academic Course Leader in Media Production

Music and Media

Transmedia is my thing, I’m fascinated by storytelling across platforms and new ways to engage audiences. I’m currently excited by mobile production tech. and new ideas in cinematic VR, and I’m always trying to find new ways to push boundaries.


My background is in cinematography primarily; I have shot some feature length films and shorts, winning some awards, and continue to do so; my latest feature-length shoot was in 2015. I have taught at University of Gloucestershire since 2008 and have been Course Leader for Media Production since 2015. I am fascinated by new forms of media such as Transmedia storytelling and this course gives me the ability to really push boundaries. I also write on these subjects with a book chapter due for publication in 2016.


Mentor with the BCre8ive scheme


Nominated twice by students in the Staff Excellence awards, in the categories of 'Inspiration' and 'Extraordinary Support'

Membership of professional bodies

HEA Fellow

Teaching and research




My main research focus is in Transmedia storytelling, connected devices and emergent media.  For example, I was interviewed by BBC radio in 2015 on the subject of the UK TV industry’s move to on-demand services, and am currently working on a conference talk about suspension of disbelief in Transmedia experiences.  I’m also writing a book chapter due in 2016.