Staff Profiles: Prof. Damian Maye

Prof. Damian Maye

Staff Profile: Prof. Damian Maye
Professor of Agri-Food Studies

Prof. Damian Maye

Prof. Damian Maye

Professor of Agri-Food Studies

Countryside and Community Research Institute

Environmental Sciences

Damian is a rural geographer with research interests primarily associated with agri-food sustainability, farm supply chains and alternative food networks.


Damian has over 15 years’ experience of research at national and European level during which time he has have developed his qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques. He has become a specialist in sustainability assessment methodologies and has extensive knowledge of food sustainability, farm supply chains and alternative food networks.


Award Title Institution Date
PhD Geography Coventry University - 'Making connections in the local food economy' 2005
MSc Rural Change Coventry University 2000
BSc Geography University College, Northampton 1999


Twice awarded ‘Paper of Year’ award in 2014 and 2015 from the Journal of Agricultural Extension and Education.

Membership of professional bodies

Fellow of Royal Geographical Society (Institute of British Geographers), since 2005

Member of the European Society for Rural Sociology, since 2005

Member of the Rural Geography Research Group Committee, since 2009

Committee Member of the RGS-IBG Food Geographies Working Group


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More publications from Prof. Damian Maye can be found in the Research Repository.

Completed Supervisions

External responsibilities

Professional positions

(2020- ) Associate Editor, Journal of Rural Studies

(2019- ) Associate Editor, Journal of Depopulation and Rural Development Studies (AGER)

(2017- ) Associate Editor, Frontiers in Veterinary Science (Veterinary Humanities and Social Sciences)

(2019- ) Review Editor, Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems (Social Movements, Institutions and Governance)

(2014- ) Review Editor and Editorial board member, Frontiers in Veterinary Science (Veterinary Humanities and Social Sciences)

(2012- ) Editorial board member, Journal of Rural Studies

(2011- ) Editorial board member, Moravian Geographical Reports