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Dr Ahsan Ikram

Part-Time Academic Staff

Understanding and programming computers always inspired me ever since I first used one; the idea of designing the behaviour and interaction of a machine is fascinating. Computers and programming is fun.


Being born to a university professor, I inherited the passion for teaching and research. First memories of computers are of a machine that plays games; I guess the curiosity about how this machine works came naturally. That curiosity led me to pursue computing at higher education and gave me the opportunity to work on some amazing projects, including working with softwares used by physicists at CERN.


  • BE: Software Engineering, National University of Sciences and Technology, 2004
  • PhD: Computer Science, University of the West of England, 2011

Teaching & Research


Ahsan is engaged with undergraduate students at all levels, leading modules aimed at building core concepts in languages, programming, software engineering, data analytics and data mining. His methods are based on interactive lectures and tutorials.


My research interests include application of biological and chemical computation concepts to evolve self-managing and context-aware adaptable computation environments involving heterogeneous devices, interfaces and capabilities.


More publications from Dr Ahsan Ikram can be found in the Research Repository.