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Angus Pryor

Head Of School (arts)

I am a painter, writer and curator as well as being a HE Arts administrator. I work with International colleagues the majority of the time and have completed large projects in both India and Holland. Chevron icon


My paintings are large in scale and the nature of my work is resistant from the institution, not only in terms of scale, but as a reaction to the use of the ready-made and how artists have totally embraced this object as an overriding statement about contemporary society. I recycle this notion and displace the ready-made back into the made by reusing it within an Art Historical and contemporary context namely re-introduce the ready made to the language of painting. I am a PAR specialist establishing the Research Priority Area for Practice as Research at the University of Gloucestershire and am currently working on a joint funded publication with Birmingham City University on this theme.

Teaching & Research


Angus is working with colleagues on joint projects and is currently working on a project entitled '1 Enoch' with Professor Philip Esler, to be exhibited in both Gloucester and Canterbury Cathedrals in the middle of Summer 2020. The paintings will have a linear narrative effect on the audience, being created using the language of figuration into an abstract context using the process of post- conceptual painting. The audience will be taken through the journey of Enoch from earth into heaven, giving them the transient experience from image to image.


More publications from Angus Pryor can be found in the Research Repository.