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Benjamin Trubody

Lecturer In Philosophy

I am a lecturer in philosophy with a focus on philosophy as a lived practice. By the end of their degree students should understand philosophy and ethics are something we do, not just study academically.


I have taught at further and higher educational levels, as well as a pre-academic life in sales and many customer facing roles. I learned something from all those experiences that has deepened my love for philosophy and my desire to pass that on to students.


  • BA (Hons): Philosophy and Theology with Sociology (University of Exeter, 2003)
  • MA: The Philosophy of Culture (University of Exeter, 2004)
  • PGCE (Sec): Religious Education (University of Exeter, 2005)
  • PhD: Philosophy (University of Gloucestershire, 2014)
  • HEA (Fellow), University of Gloucestershire, 2015

Teaching & Research


I teach across the philosophy and ethics modules at all levels, from Ancient Greek pre-Socratic philosophy to modern 20th Century European ‘Continental’ philosophy. My research interests include the public understanding and communication of science and philosophy, the philosophy of expertise, the work of Jean Baudrillard and creative uses and applications of philosophical ideas and methodologies.