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Daryl Jones

Lecturer In Games Programming

My specialism is gameplay programming and developing with rapid workflows. My objective is to instil game programmers with an understanding for design that they can implement into their mechanics, systems and games.


I’ve been teaching games programming and production for 6 years at further and higher education. My modules are centred on the development of products using Unity, and as a result I teach modules on computer games programming and game design.


  • PGCAP (ongoing)
  • Diploma in Education and Training
  • BSc Hons Digital Art and Technology (Game Design)

Teaching & Research


  • Programming & Mathematics (CT4101)
  • Game Engine Scripting (CT4026)
  • Games Production (CT4005)
  • Game Engine Programming (CT5009)
  • Experimental Games (CT5051)
  • Graphics Programming with Shaders (CT6025)
  • Individual Research Project (CT6007)
  • Advanced Group Production (CT6008)