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Dr Jonathan Hobson

Associate Professor of Social Sciences

I am a Political Sociologist by training, teaching across Sociology and Criminology. I specialise in issues around Globalisation and Democracy, understanding Genocide, and Restorative Justice. Chevron icon


I am Academic Subject Lead for Social Sciences, which includes Criminology, Sociology, Policing, Applied Social Sciences, Public Projection and Criminal Justice. I am a Political Sociologist by training but increasingly research and teach in Criminology. I specialise in issues of globalisation and democracy, Restorative Justice, and international crimes such as genocide and Crimes against Humanity,


  • PhD: Democratic Governance Beyond the State: An Exploration of Democracy and Governance in the European Parliament., University of Gloucestershire, 2012
  • BA (Hons): Sociological Studies, University of Gloucesteshire, 2004


University Teaching Fellow (2017)

Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2017)

Membership of professional bodies

British Sociological Association

Teaching & Research



NS4403 Sociological issues

NS5403 Crimes against Humanity

NS6403 Politics Risk and Security in the global world

Ns6506 Restorative Justice


NS7516 International Security


Jon’s research focuses on three main interconnected themes, revolving around how societies govern themselves. Firstly, the role of democratic governance beyond the state; secondly, the nature of Genocide as the most extreme example of societal collapse; and thirdly, the role that Restorative Justice can play in rebuilding relationships.


More publications from Dr Jonathan Hobson can be found in the Research Repository.

External responsibilities

Restorative Gloucestershire steering Group

Subject for media interview


European Union

Restorative Justice

External examining

Applied Social Sciences, Newman University

Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, SOAS