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Dr Robin Bown

Senior Lecturer in Marketing Interpretation

A main motivation for my academic career is market understanding in small businesses. Problems of perception & reach in marketing are central to the idea of markets; they govern business development.


I have always been interested in the area of knowledge and learning in market. Previously I created a couple of businesses, developed an exit from these, and then used my experience to develop my thoughts about how these sort of businesses operate. This took me to an academic career that has been rewarding. It has allowed me to develop the thinking of students in complex issues and see the rewards of that engagement. This work has continued to develop over my years at the University.


  • PhD: Knowledge development in Small Businesses, University of Gloucestershire, 2009
  • PGCert: Higher Education, University of Gloucestershire, 2012.


Senior Fellow of the HEA

Teaching & Research


My research focuses on the development of understanding and knowledge in business. This is often but not exclusively in the context of small businesses and markets. I adopt qualitative methodologies in research that generates insight and new approaches to both organisational and marketing issues. Research projects completed have included gender issues, consumer perceptions, competency models, family businesses, and market understanding.


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