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Prof Shujun Zhang

Professor of Applied Computing and Technology

I’m a professor in Applied Computing and Technology. I’m a key contributor of high quality research in IDT (Innovation, Design and Technology) and have over 30 years of experience in the area.


I have over 30 years of experience and significant achievements in academic teaching, research and the practical applications of applied computing and technology. My work has been in the areas of applied computing and innovative product design and development including bionics engineering.


  • BSc (Hons): Vehicle Engineering, Jilin University, 1982
  • MSc (Dist), Vehicle Engineering, Jilin University, 1985
  • PhD: Mechanical Engineering – Robotic Design, University of Salford, 1995


Gold Medals ‘Mechanical Walking Wheel’, 1987 Montreal and China International Invention Exhibitions.

Young Scientific and Technology Innovative Invention, Jilin University, 1988.

National Education Ministry Scientific and Technology Development, 1986.

Membership of professional bodies

Founding Member of the International Society of Bionic Engineering

Deputy Chairman, International Conference of Bionics Engineering 2006

Scientific Committee member, XI World Congress of Mechanisms and Machine Theory

Teaching & Research


PhD Supervisions, postgraduate and undergraduate

Undergraduate: System Engineering, Modern Manufacturing Technology, Applied Mechanics

Postgraduate: Information System and Technology Management, IT Project Management, Business Systems, Applications and Management, Systematic Literature Review, Research Design for Engineering


My research focuses on the pure, applied research and knowledge transfer in the areas of applied computing and innovative technology such as e-business technology and management, system design and development, product design – learning from nature, engineering technology and management etc.

Research of Bionic Principle and Key Technologies for Cell-Pulsation-Based Health Enhancement Systems: The health of living organisms is dependent on a cell’s condition and research shows that the more energetically a cell pulses, the healthier it is. This project employs scientific and engineering theories to study the relationship between electromagnetic signals and cell pulsations, with the aim of developing bionic technologies to enhance cell pulsations and, hence, their health.


More publications from Prof Shujun Zhang can be found in the Research Repository.

External responsibilities

Referee – China’s National Natural Science Funding, International Journal of Engineering Simulation, Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, Journal of Manufacturing and Management, Journal of Bionics Engineering (JBE), Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology and Robotica, EPSRC.

Professional positions

Member of:

Editorial boards of Journal of Bionics Engineering

Editorial boards of International Journal of Engineering Simulation

Editorial Boards of Journal of Jilin University, Engineering Edition

Editorial Boards of International Journal of Intelligent Information Systems

External examining

External PHD examiner for University of Cardiff, Wolverhampton University, Dublin Institute of Technology, Warwick University and Jilin University