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Dr William Large

Associate Professor in Continental Philosophy

I teach and write philosophy. In a world of cynicism, opportunism and anxiety, I hope, by the end of the course, my students have the courage to be themselves.


I have taught philosophy for many years and in different universities. I hope I inspire my students today as I was inspired by my teachers in the past. I teach my students the rich history of Western philosophy, but also in applying this tradition to the world they live in. Our students are successful invidivudals and I believe that philosophy gives them to the confidence to suceed in life whatever they choose to do.


  • BA (Hons): Philosophy, University of Essex, 1983
  • MA: Continental Philosophy, University of Essex, 1988
  • PhD: Philosophy, University of Essex, 1991

Teaching & Research


Atheism of the World: This project offers a broad historical analysis of atheism and a new conceptual definition. It describes three kinds of atheism: atheism of being, atheism of the idea, and atheism of the word. The first is an atheism of a metaphysical order and science; the second an atheism of morality; and the third an atheism of the community and the word. Each atheism comes in an historical sequence but are conceptually distinct. In terms of the traditional divisions of philosophy, the first atheism is ontology, the second is ethical, and the third is aesthetic and political. This historical sequence is not a necessary one, but contingent, and because each atheism is conceptually distinct, they can emerge at any time. The last form of atheism has a political consequence. What binds a community without religion? How do we think politics without transcendence?


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