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Chris Thomas, MSc Psychology and MSc Forensic Psychology

Empower me to switch careers

Grow in confidence

Daring to switch careers might seem daunting, though perhaps you’re ready for an exciting new challenge.

Postgraduate study can be a game-changing stepping stone – you’ll develop the skills you need and the confidence to use them.

“I’m excited to go into a new industry. I changed career from working with household name companies in marketing – a career I disliked – to psychology. I’ve enjoyed my time here and I’m excited to go into a new industry when I graduate.”

Develop your skills

You probably have so many transferable skills already. With postgraduate study you’ll refine your existing skills while developing new specialisms for your chosen industry or interests.

“My course challenged how I understood the world. This was made possible because of the focus on reflexivity in psychology – basically how experimental psychology claims to be objective but is not. I chose UoG in part because the course is BPS (British Psychological Society) accredited, and it also appealed to me because of the focus on qualitative methods.”

Gain new credentials

With qualifications to prove your skills, alongside sector knowledge and industry connections, you’ll be ready to start your new career.

“I needed credentials to open the first door. I wanted to do a conversion course in Psychology that’s BPS accredited because gaining those credentials would open the first doors into my new career. Some employment routes demand a Forensic Psychology MSc as a minimum.”

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