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Kate Owen, MA Animation

Help me decide

Opportunities to gain experience

Not everyone knows what they’re going to do after they graduate. That’s totally fine. With postgraduate study you can keep exploring, experiencing and discovering what it is you’d love to do.

“The high points of my time at UoG have been the many experiences I have been lucky enough to take part in.

Visiting Annecy animation festival was one of the best. Meeting the director of How to Train Your Dragon and the animation team was so amazing. But truthfully, it’s been those moments with my classmates where we can all feel comfortable discussing cartoons and drawing – because we get to share our skills with each other.

I always thought I would come out as a 2D Animator and this was my goal for a long time. But I have found myself becoming more attached to storyboarding, animatics and especially character design and concept art.”

People to share ideas with

Join a diverse community of curious people who share ideas. You’ll collaborate with likeminded experts and students. You’ll find your inspiration and we’ll grow together.

“The community is welcoming – there are so many talented creatives and everyone is very friendly.

The lecturers on my course have always been very welcoming and understanding. If I have ever had questions, they always do everything they can to help. Having come to the Master’s with a few ideas of what I wanted to do, I wasn’t sure what path to go down. After talking with the lecturers and my classmates we all worked together to help each other out. After that, everything was a lot smoother, and I was constantly learning new things.

I now hope to apply to animation companies for character design, concept art or anything that sits in my comfort zone for my skills. But I would also like to pitch my idea for an animated series to a few animation companies further down the line.”

Support to be yourself

You’ll have 1-2-1 support from day one – we have outstanding support teams who can help with things like study skills, mental health, career development, learning requirements, accommodation and money advice.

“A time I felt challenged was when I was trying to improve on my writing skills.

When first writing a script for my animated pilot episode I was quite intimidated – my writing skills aren’t the strongest. I reached out for help from one of my lecturers and they suggested books along with reading my scripts and adding notes, guiding me in the right direction on how to improve.

I have always been supported by my classmates and housemates. But during the first break out of Covid when online classes had just begun, my lecturers were always checking up on us to make sure we were safe and well. I am very grateful for the support of my lecturers and my friends for that crazy time.”

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