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Bradley Jacques, MA by Research Sports Leadership, Education and Society

Progress your UoG journey

Stay in our community

Continuing your journey at the same uni means everything is already set up for you and familiar, from the friends you’ve made to the campus you know your way around. It’s also a chance to explore new parts of our community – learning in your postgraduate subject community, working with new experts and expanding your interests.

There’s money to be saved too. After completing a UoG undergraduate degree in 2021/22 and starting a Master’s or diploma in 2022/23, you’ll save 20% on your fees. Graduated in an earlier year? You’ll save 10%.

“The main benefit for me was the familiarity of the university.

Knowing my supervisors and the layout of the university was a big comfort, and has allowed me to focus more on my work.

I chose to stay at UoG because of the great relationships I had built with both fellow students and the lecturing staff during my undergraduate degree. They were a huge support system and always happy to help. Everyone is really friendly and helpful. There is always someone willing to help if you’re in need of support or just want a chat.”

Take it to new levels

You’re already established at UoG – you can immediately focus on taking your skills, interests, and experience to the next level. You could even switch it up and explore new subjects, (potentially unrelated to your undergraduate degree).

“I enjoy the creativity and freedom of my postgraduate course.

It allows me to explore something I feel passionate about. The transition so far has been really positive – the work is noticeably more challenging as you would expect, but the support from the lecturers and the Sport and Exercise community postgraduate group has been a great help in overcoming this.

The taught module for this course looks extensively upon research methods and how to get the most out of your research project. This would help me in the future by giving me a much more rounded view of research than I had at undergraduate level and allowing me to use these skills for multiple topics within sport.”

We’ll work with you

You’ll adapt to the challenges of postgraduate study with amazing support, in a community of inspired experts and students who collaborate with each other.

“All of the lecturers I’ve had so far have been really great and supportive. Their wide knowledge of multiple subject areas and vast experience means that in my supervisor meetings they are offering me new ideas and a different perspective to see the important issues of my research. As well as this during my assessments they offered informative and constructive criticism which elevated the standards of my work.”

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