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Caroline Phelps, MSc Advanced Professional Practice

Support me to work and study

Balance work and study

We have student support teams who can help you find the best way to meet your learning needs. If you’re balancing family or job commitments alongside your studies or have any other concerns, we can offer you support and advice.

“My experience is that postgraduate study is possible with work and family.

The support of the leadership team in the therapy service – along with the course lead, lecturers and student achievement team at the university – made all the difference in helping me make the transition. I have been amazed at how quickly my skills have developed and how much of my learning I have been able to apply to my work setting with their support.

My experience has been that I have been very much enabled to lead the pace of my learning making it easier to ensure a good work/study/life balance! I am also established in Gloucestershire so studying locally reduces travel time and accommodation costs.”

Flexible study options

We want your studies to fit into your lives – so we’ve developed flexible, blended courses. You can study modules remotely or through a mix of on campus, face-to-face and online distance learning.

“The lecturers are knowledgeable, experienced and generous with their time and support.

I have felt like my learning has been a very personal experience tailored to my individual needs. I had a difficult time at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. My course leader was very caring. She kept in touch and provided guidance and support, giving me some time out from my studies when I needed it, but getting me back on track when I was ready to.

Additionally, I have had the opportunity to meet and develop networks with peers who work in my organisation who I didn’t know previously. This has been useful professionally in sharing development and learning – but also I have made new friends which has offered another form of support on my journey of postgraduate learning.”

Develop your career

Studying alongside other commitments can be a busy but brilliant way to gain relevant skills and develop your career. Transform your life experience into a new qualification. Take a measured, part-time approach. Tailor your learning to benefit you at work.

“Postgraduate study has really helped my confidence.

My favourite memory so far has been the realisation that I can do this and the sense of achievement I have every time I submit an assignment for another module. Postgraduate study evidences your ability to work at a certain level and I think there is an increasing recognition of that.

I hope as my confidence grows further it will open doors that will lead to continued fulfilling career development that enables me to make an increasingly positive difference. It is also enhancing my skills to undertake research, write for publication and present at national conferences.”

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