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Offer holder days

Upgrade your offer

Thank you for your interest in our offer upgrade opportunity. Your interview will be a short, informal chat with a lecturer that should last 15 – 20 minutes.

What’s an unconditional offer?

An unconditional offer provides a guaranteed place to study on the course you applied for at University of Gloucestershire. It’s not dependent upon results. The benefit of having an unconditional offer is that you can plan your next steps with certainty. However, we’d still encourage you to put every effort in to achieve good grades in your final results.

If you haven’t been successful in securing an unconditional offer following your interview, nothing changes. You’ll still hold your original, results-dependent conditional offer.

What to expect from your interview

Your interview will be with an academic from the subject area your course is in. It should last no longer than 20 minutes. It’s a chance for lecturers to find out more about you, your passion for studying your chosen course and your future career aspirations.

How to prepare

You know yourself and your motivations for studying your chosen course best – this is your chance to tell a lecturer more about them. Have a read through your personal statement and remind yourself of your achievements to date. Look at the course modules on to familiarise yourself with the kind of topics you’ll be studying at University of Gloucestershire and why they appeal.

What happens after the interview?

You’ll be emailed shortly afterwards with a decision on whether your offer will be upgraded to unconditional. You can then log in to UCAS hub to firmly accept your offer. You can also do this if your offer remains conditional.

More frequently asked questions


  • Think about where you’re going to do your interview. How is the lighting? What’s your backdrop like?
  • What are you wearing? You want to feel comfortable but avoid jazzy checks, stripes and patterns which can appear distorted on screen.
  • Do a test run with your equipment and how to join the meeting – check your camera and the sound.
  • Make sure your battery is fully charged or your power supply is connected.
  • If you’ve got any queries about how to join the interview, get in contact via
Student in lab looking down a microscope and wearing a lab coat
Computer games design student, Chloe smiling
  • Remember, if you do have technical issues/connection problems don’t panic – these things happen all the time and it won’t count against you.
  • Ensure you’re as prepared as you can be – read through your personal statement so that you feel comfortable to talk about any of the areas you’ve mentioned.
  • Do your research, think about why you want to study that course and your passions/influences and any career aspirations you may have.
  • Think of it as a great chance to meet the lecturers that you’d likely be taught by and make sure you’ve got a few questions prepared for them.
  • Remember – this is the time to talk about yourself and how amazing you are – enjoy it!

Got questions?

If you want any more information about the offer upgrade interview, you can email us at