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Employer partnership opportunities

Accessing talent

A guide for employers on how to access our best graduate talent for your businesses.

Our mission

Founded on values, centred on students, focused on learning

Since 1847 University of Gloucestershire has flourished, diversified, and embraced innovation, evolving into the dynamic, professional, and ambitious community we are today. We strive to create lasting partnerships with local and national businesses, recognising the mutual benefits that arise from tapping into the wealth of knowledge, talent, and fresh perspectives offered by our students and graduates.

We know that the most impactful innovation comes from academia and industry working side by side, which presents us with a whole host of opportunities to work together to produce the best talent and research. Together, we can shape a brighter future.

*96% of our graduates are in work or further study within 15 months of graduating (Graduate Outcomes Survey published 2023 and based on 2020/21 leavers)

The next generation of business leaders

With a total of over 8,000 students in 2022/23, our large cohort of socially mobile students adds richness and diversity to our university and business communities.

Our school structure consists of 4 schools:

Find out how you can work with our talented computing and cyber students to meet your business needs.

Consumer Behaviour Lab

Why recruit students and graduates?

At University of Gloucestershire we nurture future business leaders, innovative thinkers, creative trailblazers and new talent. Our students benefit from specialist environments within which real–world learning and expertise can thrive — and profession–ready graduates emerge.

Our dedicated Your Future Plan team empowers students to grow into confident, skilled professionals through diverse in-curricular and extra-curricular development opportunities, events, and career guidance.

By choosing to recruit our students and graduates, you are building a workforce who will enrich and add value to your business and be primed for the future, equipped with the skills and readiness demanded by today’s dynamic job market.

Getting started

Reach our community of students and graduates through our dedicated Employer Hub. Simply register and create your account, upload your job descriptions, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our Employer Engagement team ensures your listings receive maximum exposure to the most relevant audience, whether it’s a placement, temporary job, volunteering role or graduate scheme.

Meeting your needs

Whether you have unique position or a broader partnership in mind, our dedicated Employer Engagement team is here to cater to your specific needs. To discuss your requirements, get in touch with the team on

Recruiting students for temporary and seasonal work

Through our full-service internal Unitemps recruitment agency, you can access professional recruitment support and find talented students and graduates to fill your temporary staffing needs.

Alternatively, we offer a no-cost online advertising platform to promote your opportunities. You can register and upload your vacancies on our Employer hub.

Student leaning on railing

Short and long-term industry placements

Placements are professional in-curricular experiences that open doors for students to make a real impact in your organisation.

The length of placements can vary widely, from 1 day to up to 12 months.

Recruiting global talent

Hiring international students and graduates for full-time and part-time positions is much easier than you might think – and could be the key to unlocking your business’s growth on a global level.

You can find more information on how international students can contribute to your business on our Employer hub.

Employer events

University of Gloucestershire offers diverse events on campus and online, providing organisations with excellent opportunities to promote their opportunities.

Events include tailored recruitment events, workshops, guest lectures, and much more.

Two people chatting at an employer event in the business school at Oxstalls campus.

Shaping graduates for the future

We make sure our curriculum is tailored to meet industry needs by encouraging our business communities to work with lecturers to co-design and deliver modules.

If you are interested in collaborating with our experts and bringing live business challenges to students, find out more about how it works and reach out to to start the conversation.

Professional mentoring scheme

This structured mentoring programme inspires our students by connecting them with a diverse range of industry professionals from various backgrounds.

Smiling lady sitting at desk using a computer

Apprenticeships and employee training

For services such as Apprenticeships and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, contact University of Gloucestershire’s Services for Business team at

Business support services

The Growth Hub based at our Oxstalls Campus can help your business grow wherever you are in Gloucestershire with a range of free expert-led events, one-to-one advice, and online self-serve resources.

Connect with us

Create a powerful partnership

To explore the possibilities of partnering with University of Gloucestershire, reach out to our dedicated Employer Engagement Team at