BE6014: Foundation Subject Strength: PE Two

BE6014: Foundation Subject Strength: PE Two

Please note this module descriptor is indicative of the structure of this course and may be subject to change.

Module Title Foundation Subject Strength: PE Two
Module Code BE6014
Module Tutor Barbara Brown
School School of Education
CAT Points 15
Level of Study 6
Brief Description

The module will take a developmental approach to the teaching of physical education so that the individuality and diversity underpinning children’s movement skill development, health, fitness and wellbeing can be addressed within an inclusive understanding and context. The module will provide the student teacher with the opportunity to work with children with an experienced practitioner so that s/he can learn how to manage, organise and teach all children in physical education in developmentally appropriate and inclusive contexts.


The student teacher will develop subject and professional knowledge in physical education through an examination of whole school approaches related to ethos, policy and practice and the achievement of a high standard and quality of subject provision and practice.


There will be a central focus on developing assessment strategies to ensure the development of appropriately challenging and worthwhile movement learning situations, where high expectations related to excellence and achievement will be sought. 


The purpose of the module is to prepare the student teacher to undertake the final school placement and NQT year with secure and appropriate knowledge and practice in physical education’ as well as promote the distinctiveness of the subject in primary school in a highly motivated and professional way.

Indicative Syllabus

The focus will be on developing subject and professional knowledge where the student teacher will critically examine ethos, policy, planning, and practice in curricular and extra-curricular physical education. The module will focus on promoting a high standard and quality of physical education through the development of appropriate subject and professional knowledge and practice.

The student teacher will be encouraged to develop a personal philosophy associated with promoting a high standard and quality of provision and practice in primary physical education. A developmental understanding and approach will be introduced related to early and later movement skill development. The transaction of the subject will be informed by an explicit recognition of the significance of values, including SMSC on the way the teacher and pupils work together within an inclusive approach. The student will learn how to provide effective learning opportunities for all pupils, with a focus on an understanding of the three principles of inclusion:

- setting suitable learning challenges

- responding to pupils’ diverse learning needs

- overcoming potential barriers to learning and assessment for individuals and groups of pupils

The module will be concluded with a Celebration of Achievement in physical education by the student teachers and a class of children in dance, games and gymnastic activities that will be shared with parents and the school community.

Learning Outcomes

A student passing this module should be able to:

1. Know and understand the significance of a developmental approach in order to access ALL children  to physical education

2. Know and understand the significance of recognising and responding to individuality and diversity related to children’s movement competence, health, fitness and well-being

3. Understand the significance of educating primary age children to develop positive attitudes towards the adoption of an active and healthy lifestyle through physical education

4. Know how to promote high standards and quality in the provision of curricular and extra-curricular physical education

5. Recognise the role of outside agencies in promoting opportunities in primary physical education, curricular and extra-curricular

6. Promote extra-curricular physical education opportunities, including the promotion of the playground environment as a context to encourage a range of active play opportunities;

7. Model values, including an explicit understanding of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development in physical education within an inclusive approach

8. Provide effective learning opportunities for all pupils, with a focus on an understanding of the three principles of inclusion

Learning and Teaching Activities Scheduled Contact Hours: 30
Independent Learning Hours: 120
Assessment (For further details see the Module Guide) 001: 100% Coursework: Individual, standard written: 3000 words
Special Assessment Requirements
Indicative Resources The current reading list can be found in the Module Guide, which your lecturer should make available via Moodle.

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