HS7507: Teaching, Learning and Assessment in Practice

HS7507: Teaching, Learning and Assessment in Practice

Please note this module descriptor is indicative of the structure of this course and may be subject to change.

Module Title Teaching, Learning and Assessment in Practice
Module Code HS7507
Module Tutor Sue Chilton
School School of Health and Social Care
CAT Points 30
Level of Study 7
Brief Description

This module reflects current developments in benchmarking standards for teaching in practice by professional bodies, e.g. NMC Practice Teacher Standards. The module engages students in developing competence in reflection, teaching and assessing in practice.

Successful completion of the module will enable Specialist Practitioners (e.g. D.N's, H.V's to be annotated to the Local NHS Trust live register of sign off mentors for the NMC Practice Teacher award.

Indicative Syllabus

The module will examine:

  • Organising and co-ordinating learning activities
  • Supervising students and providing them with constructive feedback on their achievements
  • Setting and monitoring of realistic learning objectives
  • Assessing total performance including skills, attitudes and behaviour
  • Providing evidence of student achievement to education providers
  • Inter-professional liaison to provide feedback and enhance student performance
Learning Outcomes


1. Establish and critically evaluate effective working relationships that support student learning

2. Facilitate learning and development of lifelong learners through utilisation of critical reflection

3. Design assessment frameworks in collaboration with others

4. Design evaluation strategies to determine the effectiveness of practice and academic achievement

5. Create optimum learning environments to enhance student learning

6. Set and maintain professional boundaries whilst recognising the contribution of the inter-professional team

7. Identify areas for research and practice development within their speciality

8. Respond to changes in practice roles and care delivery

9. Lead education in practice, working across practice and academic settings

10. Where appropriate to meet the standards NMC (2006, Annex 11 Standards to Support Learning and Assessment in Practice.


Learning and Teaching Activities Scheduled Contact Hours: 24
Independent Learning Hours: 126
Assessment (For further details see the Module Guide) 001: 0% Practical Assessment: Microteaching observation 1
002: 0% Practical Assessment: Teaching Observation 2
003: 0% Practical Assessment: Teaching Observation 3
004: 100% Coursework: Individual, portfolio: 6,000 words
Special Assessment Requirements

All elements of assessment are non-compensatory

Indicative Resources The current reading list can be found in the Module Guide, which your lecturer should make available via Moodle.

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