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Giraffes in Africa

Focus on the world's most pressing issues

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Globalisation, sustainability and climate change: the world’s most pressing issues are inherently geographical, central to our course and critical to your future. Available as a BA or BSc, our degree allows you to focus your interests in human or physical geography, or to balance the two. As a BSc student, you’ll likely be drawn to our physical geography themes in environmental change, river science, ecological dynamics and global sustainability, yet our BA themes will also be open to you.

Fieldwork is pivotal to the course. You'll progress from field training in Snowdonia to field research overseas: investigating environmental change and glacial dynamics in the Swiss Alps, sustainability science in Morocco, or the rivers and geomorphologies of Western Canada.

Geo-tagged data is fundamental to information flow and decision making across our planet. You will have the chance to help build this geo-referenced world through our geographic information systems (GIS) theme, positioning you for entry to the largest recruiting industry of geography graduates.

You can also choose to benefit from our internship opportunities gaining a competitive edge of experience, networking with potential employers and gaining academic credit towards your degree, all at the same time.

This programme has been accredited by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG). Accredited degree programmes contain a solid academic foundation in geographical knowledge and skills, and prepare graduates to address the needs of the world beyond higher education. The accreditation criteria require evidence that graduates from accredited programmes meet defined sets of learning outcomes, including subject knowledge, technical ability and transferable skills. This accreditation is reviewed once every 5 years.

Study style

You can choose to complete our Geography degree as a BA or BSc, allowing you to focus your interests in human or physical geography, or to balance the two. Its flexibility means that gaining a BA or a BSc will be decided by your choice of overseas fieldwork destination at the end of your second year. Your programme will be coursework-led, with varied assessment types allowing you to demonstrate your strengths. We place an emphasis on diverse teaching throughout your degree, running small group seminars, one-to-one tutorials, lab sessions, computer practicals and fieldtrips alongside conventional lectures.

Entry requirements

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120 tariff points

Typical offers

BBB at A levels, DDM at BTEC or use a combination of your qualifications to achieve the required tariff total.

2018 UCAS tariff table

Mature Applicants: We welcome applications from mature students (aged 21 and over) and do not necessarily require the same academic qualifications as school leaving applicants. To find out more, please email our enquiries team.

International Students: Please see the full details of entry requirements in your country. If you do not meet the academic and English language requirements, you should consider a preparation course at INTO University of Gloucestershire, which will help to prepare you for study on this degree. INTO University of Gloucestershire is based at our Park campus and offers a range of courses including International Foundation Business, Hospitality and Tourism.

Grade C in GCSE English and Mathematics (or equivalent) are normally required. If you don't meet your tariff points total we may still consider your application. Please email our admissions team for further information.

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UCAS codes

UCAS codes available for this subject
BSc Single Honours - 3 years full-timeF800
BSc Single Honours - 4 years placementF80P


  • Geographic information systems (GIS) roles
  • Teaching, lecturing and research
  • Sustainable development management
  • Environmental consultancy

Profile photo of Sophie Hartfield

Student Focus

Sophie Hartfield

I’m a senior onshore environmental developer for Mainstream Renewable Power. I work with off-shore wind farms and educate people about climate change.

I'm doing something for a greater cause. My degree taught me so much. We went to Arolla in Switzerland for a week to monitor glacier meltwater output. We visited North Wales and saw the historic progression of the last 20,000 years on cliff faces. It was fascinating. I did my dissertation on historic climates in peat bogs. We found a cooling event that happened post ice-age. I had a great sense of achievement.

Industry links

You can choose to undertake an internship to gain workplace experience, network with potential employers and obtaining academic credit towards your degree. Our internship students have been working in GIS industries, from flood mapping for major water companies to valuing land across the Cotswolds. Others have been gaining teaching experience in schools and some have joined us in our research on population dynamics, environmental change and global sustainability.

Profile photo Lucy Clarke

Staff Profile

Lucy Clarke

“I’ve undertaken field work and attended conferences in some amazing places including Canada, Iceland, and New Zealand. I also serve on the executive committee of the British Society for Geomorphology, and for the European Geosciences Union. I have a variety of research projects on the go working on water (both flowing and frozen), but of particular note I am currently working with the British Antarctic Survey using historic aerial photographs and satellite imagery to look at glacier change on Antarctica. This gives me the opportunity to incorporate some of my Antarctic data into my geography teaching.”

Mountain landscape

Focus on the world's most pressing issues

Globalisation, sustainability and climate change: the world’s most pressing issues are inherently geographical, central to our course and critical to your future.

Help build the geo-referenced world through GIS

Geo-tagged data is now fundamental to information flow and decision-making across our planet. Our geographic information systems (GIS) theme will place you at the core of this world, positioning you for entrance into the largest recruiting area of geography graduates.

Students on field trip to Alps

Explore the world, on campus and in the field

Students progress from field training in Snowdonia to field research in the Swiss Alps, Morocco and western Canada.

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