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Finance in Society Research Institute

A financial sector that serves everyone.

Transforming sector-wide practice and policy through advancing the current body of knowledge on finance and society.

The Finance in Society Research Institute (FISRI) specialises in collaborative research on topics related to the role of finance in contemporary societies to enhance sector-wide practice and policy, and to further advance the current body of knowledge on finance and society. The Institute adopts a pluralistic and inclusive approach to understand the social role of finance by building on mainstream and heterodox schools of thoughts.

About us

The Finance in Society Research Institute (FISRI) is an independent Research Institute at the Gloucestershire Business School, established in collaboration with the UK’s largest wealth manager St. James’s Place Wealth Management plc (SJP).

The Institute aims to become an international hub for cutting-edge research that informs national and international policy makers and financial institutions.

The Institute will develop high-quality research programmes in partnership with industry representatives and community stakeholders to respond to the demands of the society, the financial services industry, and policymakers.

The FISRI will develop opportunities for knowledge exchange and enhanced ways of working with a focus on a range of areas by attracting and collaborating with national and international professionals, researchers, and students.

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St. James’s Place (SJP) is a leading UK wealth management organisation. Founded in 1991, SJP was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1997 and is a FTSE 100 company with over £148 billion funds under management. The company provides face-to-face advice to clients based on their individual needs and circumstances, adapting the advice as requirements change over time to ensure that recommendations remain appropriate.

SJP’s ambition is to be a leading responsible business in the UK. This means considering responsible and sustainable decision-making in everything they do. How they help society move forward with confidence and play an important role in supporting their clients’ financial wellbeing through the face-to-face advice provided by the SJP Partnership. In doing so, they have an opportunity to help address the social, environmental and economic challenges faced by all in society.

The Finance in Society Research Institute is delighted that SJP has been key supporters from inception, whilst also encouraging and nurturing the development of an MSc in Finance and MBA in Financial Planning with University of Gloucestershire.

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Money Advice Liaison Group

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FISRI undertakes rigorous academic research on the interactions between three research themes and their impacts on society. The three research themes are personal, climate and development finance.

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We are building a student-led ‘finance society’ to promote financial services career opportunities for students at the Gloucestershire Business School and the wider community.

The activities of the Institute will encourage current postgraduate research students to undertake high-quality research projects that is based on rigours scientific methods and informed by the state of the art in research and practice. The results of this will attract world class learners from across the global to undertake masters and doctorate research at University of Gloucestershire, developing a pool of talent for both the Institution and the sector.

In the long-term, the transdisciplinary knowledge creation activities and outputs of the institute will broaden and enrich the research impact of colleagues in the university as well as the range of postgraduate awards.

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Students, finance professionals and academics frequently reflect on events, concepts, processes and trends that have financial implications for individuals and groups in society.

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