ARC support

​​​​​​​​​Thank you for your patience while we develop ARC​.

Student Access

​To use the ARC POW service to view placement information, please use this link​:

​ARC POW (Student)​

Staff and Trust Access

To access placement information for Ward, Trust and University staff, please use this link:

ARC PEP (Practice)

To review or update the audit for your ward or placement area please use this link:

Placement area audit tool

To request access to ARC PEP (Practice) for a new user please use the following link:

Request New ARC PEP (Practice Account)

To request a change or delete an account, please use the following link:

Remove or update an ARC PEP Account​


Help and Guidance

Student's guide to logging in ​to ARC POW​
Student's TMS guide for placement timesheets

Staff & Mentor's guide to logging in ​to ARC PEP​
Mentor's TMS guide to authorising placement timesheets

Staff guide to completing Audits in ARC​

For questions relating to student or practice access to ARC, please contact archelp@​