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Amazing field trips

Unforgettable experiences

Take part in field trips to locations such as the Swiss Alps, South Africa, Morocco or Florida.

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Animal Biology, Applied Social Science, Biology, Criminology, Ecology and Environmental Science, Geography, Professional Policing, Psychology and Sociology ​​​​

​​​Globalisation, sustainability, crimes against humanity, poverty and inequality; these are some of the most pressing issues on the table for societies across the world, and they all fall under the specialisms of the Natural and Social Sciences. As the world continues to take steps towards addressing some of these issues there is also a need for informed, analytical and skilled people to continuing progressing the work in these areas.

Strong practical focus

To reflect this real world need, the major emphasis across all of our Natural and Social Sciences courses is the professional application of the skills developed, personal relevance, and employability. All of our courses have a strong practical element, whether through volunteering and internships, research or field trips and fieldwork. Some courses also offer the opportunity to take on research projects with, or for, external organisations, while others focus on developing your practical experience by providing a wide range of volunteering opportunities in which you can put your skills to the test.

Unforgettable experiences

You will also have the chance to forge some unforgettable experiences of your own by taking part in the field trips on offer, some of which will take you to some quite remarkable locations such as the Swiss Alps, South Africa, Morocco or Florida.​​


From looking inside the mind with virtual reality and EEG equipment, to examining African snails and venus flytraps, our fully-equipped and dedicated labs provide you with the perfect research centre. We also have a dedicated forensic interview suite and mock crime scene for you to test your skills in gathering and examining evidence.