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Award-winning law students benefit from placement at leading UK firm

Two University of Gloucestershire students won an exciting opportunity to gain practical experience at the largest specialist family law firm in the UK thanks to a prize-winning performance.

Jon Brown (2021 graduate) and Yazz Allsworth (2022 graduate, pictured above) won the Stowe Family Law Prize after scoring top marks in the Family Law module of the University’s Law LLB degree within the Gloucestershire Business School.

Their achievement won each of them a placement at Stowe Family Law, which has more than 35 offices located throughout the country, including Cheltenham.

Yazz said her week’s experience at Stowe Family Law provided her with a valuable insight into the work of a family lawyer.

“I was lucky enough to sit in on client meetings and pre-hearing conferences, observing how the solicitors interacted with different client matters and liaised with the counsel instructed for final hearings,” said Yazz.

“I learnt a lot about how family law works in practice and cannot thank Stowe enough for the hands-on experience they provided me with.”

Since undertaking the work placement, Yazz has been offered work specialising in Family Law.

Jon Brown said: “My week’s experience with Stowe Family Law was one of the most valuable extra-curricular activities that I have ever completed.

“During the week, I participated in a huge number of different activities, ranging from attending fixed-fee meetings and hearings, to research tasks and assessing documents like the Form E, each of which helped to demonstrate another facet of the role of a family law solicitor.

“I was particularly surprised to see just how quickly the solicitors had to change their focus and style when they moved between interacting with clients and negotiating with the opposing side.

“It added an incredible amount of context to my studies of family law, and I am incredibly grateful to Stowe Family Law for collaborating with the University to offer me this opportunity.”

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