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Fumio Obata, Dolores Phelps and Georgina Hounsome’s research aims to highlight contemporary crises language alone often fails to address. 

Fumio Obata’s project On the Palm​​ of Unknown, at Beacon Museum in Whitehaven, Cumbria, makes surprising connections between the nuclear plants at Fukushima and Sellafield. ​​​

Georgina Hounsome​: Entangling is an illustrative presentation of human behaviour and its effect on nature. It mirrors the idea of changing nature through behaviour through dense layering of largely word-free pages, in which digital drawing mutates and reconfigures ideas of trees, water and growth. The imagery offers a bleak echo of destruction through thoughtless behaviour and habit.​ 

Dolores Phelps’ Instagram project My na​me is Aurelia is a narrative based on her mother’s experience as a Basque émigré to the UK escaping the Spanish Civil War, focusing on graphic visual language and the expression of emotion in illustration.

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by Fumio Obata, Dolores Phelps and Georgina Hounsome

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This research forms part of the Creative Practice as Research research priority area.