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Research priority area

Creative Practice as Research

Creative Practice as Research (CPaR) at University of Gloucestershire interrogates contemporary ideas of creativity and their value and impact examined through practice.

By practice we mean all forms of creativity and analytical writing addressing creative production.

CPaR emphasises cross-disciplinary research, drawn from our core subject areas of Art, Design, Illustration, Media, Photography and Landscape Architecture.

Our projects emphasise public engagement and impact in both local and international contexts. The range is broad, from Documentary Filmmaking and Community Gardening through to interdisciplinary research linking Cyber Security and Contemporary Art, Old Testament Theology and Painting and explorations of the use of sound in Landscape Architecture.

Poetry session with students and members of public

Research practice

Approaches to research practice for CPaR range from the production of new art and design through to curating exhibitions, filmmaking, and public art projects specifically formed through engagement with local interest groups and independent art organisations.

Hardwick Gallery

Many of our projects are launched and/or supported through Hardwick Gallery​, and we have a strong record of achieving Arts Council England project grants and collaborating with public arts institutions internationally.

CPaR places a strong emphasis on practical outcomes as the primary evidence of an interrogation of research questions.

Art canvas on easel with paintbrushes in pot
International art student printing


CPaR sees creative practice as a means of exploring questions of environment, legacy and the mechanics of attracting social investment. We use creativity to assert the value of art and design as enabler of positive change in the public realm. Internationalism is high on our agenda, with research projects and PhD research ongoing in Canada, Ethiopia, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Norway, Switzerland, Russia, and the US.​



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