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Graduate Rebecca is awarded prestigious music industry prize

University of Gloucestershire graduate Rebecca Rees has won UK Music’s Outstanding MAP Graduate Award 2021.

Rebecca, who graduated with a first-class honours degree in Music Business this year and now works within the digital team at Polydor (Universal Music Group), impressed the judging panel with her impactful work across the music industry.

Rebecca was among Music and Sound students from the University who were involved in a research and development project this summer in collaboration with Festival Republic – the largest festival company in the UK and part of the Live Nation family – that is enhancing sustainability practices at music festivals.

Rebecca Rees, winner of UK Music’s Outstanding MAP Graduate Award 2021 (credit for all images: LCCM)

She devised and implemented a new methodology and audience awareness campaign around environmental sustainability adopted by Live Nation at the first UK pilot festivals.

Rebecca also launched the podcast Digital Dissect that shed light on recent trends, data and technology in the digital space, worked closely with the central commercial sales teams to investigate data and support leading global artist campaign at Atlantic Records (Warner Music Group), and oversaw Ed Sheeran’s ‘=’ album release.

In the runner-up spot at the UK Music’s Outstanding MAP Graduate Award 2021 was another graduate from the University’s School of Creative Industries, Kane Peters, who was in a supervisory role at the music festivals.

Rebecca said: “I am incredibly grateful to have been recognised by UK Music and have the opportunity to amplify my efforts to improve the diversity and sustainability of the industry at a time that is critical for change.

“By continuing to support and challenge my work and perspective, the lecturers at University of Gloucestershire, particularly Tom Soper and Matthew Lovett, have helped to distil a resilient curiosity in me that will stay with me throughout what I hope to be a compelling career in music.”

Kane Peters, runner-up in the UK Music’s Outstanding MAP Outstanding Graduate Award 2021 (credit for all images: LCCM)

Tom Soper, Academic Course Leader for Music Business, said: “We’re delighted for both Rebecca and Kane and so happy to see their achievements honoured nationally at this year’s OMGs.”

Dr Matthew Lovett, Academic Subject Leader: Music and Media Group, added: “As forward-thinking and highly capable representatives of the Music Business course here at University of Gloucestershire, they both excel at sustainable, smart, profitable, socially-engaged work: the future for our industry.”