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International relations expert launches new book calling for new approach to world politics storytelling

University of Gloucestershire’s Dr Samantha Louden-Cooke is the editor of a new book calling for more voices to be heard from around the world to increase understanding of issues around international relations, amid continuing conflicts around the world.

In her first work as an editor, Dr Louden-Cooke’s Non-Western Global Theories of International Relations provides the academic community, students and anyone interested in international relations with fresh insights and introduces new methods for delving into the various aspects of world politics.

Dr Louden-Cooke, Senior Lecturer in International Relations within the University’s School of Natural and Social Sciences, said: “International relations is a broad and complex field, dominated by Western thought, history and experiences which have been told, predominantly by white men.

“The book reinforces the need to move beyond the traditionally used Western-centric lenses without removing them completely. Instead it advocates a harmonisation between them to reduce generalisations across the local, state and regional levels.

“As we delve into the various facets of world politics, history and state relations in an ever more globalised world, it has become increasingly apparent that the number of voices being recognised and heard is limited, based on intersecting factors such as geographic location, race, sex and class.

“In order to ensure that the international component of international relations is in fact, international, the way we engage with the subject needs to change.”

Interested parties are invited to attend a launch event for the book – published by Palgrave Macmillan – via Teams at 5pm on Wednesday, 20 July where Dr Louden-Cooke will be accompanied by some of the contributors.

The event will provide an evening of discussion about non-Western theories, histories and perspectives, as well as reflections on what being global means.