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The Order of Things, second phase

Currently Andrew Bick, independent researcher Katie Pratt and current Doctoral student Jonathan Parsons are working with the Risk Lead in Cyber Security Research at the National Cyber Security Centre, developing analysis of the common language usage between systems art and systems theory as used in the world of cyber security.

This will lead to joint workshops, a presentation at NCSC’s annual conference in Glasgow in April 2019 and a collaborative publication.

Drawing workshops at University of Gloucestershire will host researchers from NCSC and examine the interface between creative visual thinking and risk analysis. This cross-disciplinary development has emerged from NCSC Risk Lead John Young viewing the Being Human and ACE project grant supported exhibition The Order of Things at The Wilson Cheltenham Museum and Gallery and being struck by the commonalities of interpretation and synchronicity between artist’ imagery/interpretation and images used in cyber security research.

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by Andrew Bick, Katie Pratt and Jonathan Parsons

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This research forms part of the Creative Practice as Research research priority area.