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Game Development MSc

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Part Time
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2 Years
Park, Cheltenham

Course overview

Embark on a transformative journey with the University of Gloucestershire’s MSc in Game Development. This exceptional program, crafted by experts with over 30 years in AAA titles like Bioshock, Crysis and Star Wars: Battlefront, is more than a course – it’s an entry into a world where your game development aspirations become reality.

Tailored to your unique interests, the curriculum spans technical art, photogrammetry, environment design, and machine learning. You’ll delve into game theory and design, gaining specialised skills to stand out in the competitive gaming arena.

The program integrates real-world applications, such as a summer industry placement and live projects that have been developed with our industry partners. This opportunity translates your classroom knowledge into practical experience, enhancing employability and preparing you for the professional world of game development.

Collaboration is key. You’ll work with a team of designers, programmers, and artists on projects that incorporate industry practices, honing crucial teamwork skills. Networking is also a major component, with access to industry conferences and events like Insomnia and Let’s Talk Games, that offer invaluable exposure to industry leaders and feedback opportunities.

University of Gloucestershire’s inclusive approach welcomes all passionate individuals, and we take a broad view of our students’ previous experience and academic background. If you’re driven and ready to channel your passion for gaming into a successful career, this course is your gateway. Join us to shape the future of gaming.

You’ll engage in creating game mechanics, narratives, and characters, optionally underpinned by partnerships with the PlayStation First Academic Programme and the Nintendo Switch Developer Portal.

The course culminates in a summer industry placement with top studios like Unity, Rebellion and Sumo Digital, providing real-world experience and boosting employability.

The immersive nature of the course blends hands-on learning and theoretical foundation, and includes 3D modelling, animation, digital sculpting, interactive design and programming.

Tailored to enhance your skills in game art, design, and production, it allows you to customise your learning to align with personal strengths, and to build a comprehensive portfolio that will enable you to realise your career goals.

The COMX exhibition celebrates the work of over 100 students from our Game Technologies courses, allowing our student developers a chance to gain recognition for their creative/innovative work in game and application development.

If you’re an employer who is looking for the up-and-coming, COMX is the place to be. UoG graduates have a wide range of skills and the potential to upskill industry. The exhibition attracts an established audience and is free to attend – you’re guaranteed to gain new insight into modern ideas. Email for more information.

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Entry requirements

    • We normally require an honours degree of 2.2 or above in a games or computer science related discipline with a substantial software development component.

      Applicants failing to meet this requirement may still be eligible for entry if they can demonstrate a strong personal portfolio of related works in an interview with a member of the course staff.

Course modules


Fees and costs

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Students usually support themselves through the postgraduate loan, private savings, family support or sponsorship from an employer. For advice and guidance on your funding options, contact the Money Advice team at or call 01242 714535.

UoG graduates receive 15% off postgraduate tuition fees. Terms apply.

Start date Location Course code Fee (UK)
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Fee (international)
Total fee
Sep 2024 Park, Cheltenham £9,350 £17,100
Sep 2025 Park, Cheltenham TBC TBC

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UoG Career promise

At UoG we create a climate for bravery and growth. We instil confidence in all our students, so you can graduate career-ready and meet your ambitions.

96% of our graduates are in work or further study*, but if you’re not in a job 6 months after graduating we’ll guarantee you 6 months of free support, followed by the offer of a paid internship to kickstart your career – plus we’ll commit to lifetime career coaching. Eligibility conditions apply.

*Graduate Outcomes Survey published 2024 and based on 2021/22 leavers

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Unlock a universe where your career is an exhilarating adventure. This degree is your key to groundbreaking opportunities – it’s not just an education, it’s a launchpad. Become an innovator in VR/AR, creating immersive experiences that blur the bounds of reality.

You’ll be empowered to weave captivating narratives, leading the charge in game design. As a Project Manager, you can orchestrate projects that merge art and gaming technology, crafting digital masterpieces.

The MSc’s focus on advanced skills and research equips you uniquely for these roles, making it not just beneficial but essential. It’s also a gateway to inspiring future creators in academia and beyond. Each day in this career is a thrilling leap into uncharted territories of creativity and innovation, a journey where your impact can resonate across gaming and non-gaming landscapes.

Learn from industry veterans

All your mentors are either industry veterans with experience working on AAA and indie titles, or have a strong background in cutting-edge research like Machine Learning and Serious Games. There is expertise and focus on keeping up-to-date with current industry standards, helping to give you the skills required within industry.

Games Art course example of students' work

Work as part of a multidisciplinary team

Working in the games industry you’ll be required to work as part of a multidisciplinary team. This Master’s degree offers you a variety of opportunities to work together with designers, programmers and artists to build industry-standard projects, enhance your portfolio and increase your skills.

Student playing video games together

Network with professional developers

This Master’s course offers you a variety of career opportunities to enhance your employability and perfect your portfolio. From our industry conference with guest speakers from AAA game studios to our trips to the Brain’s Eden Games Jam and Brighton Develop Conference – we give you many opportunities to network with professional developers and get their feedback on your work.

Student with headset and computer game controller

Push your possible with a master’s degree

Increase your pay potential, specialise in a subject you love, or pursue your passion and switch careers.

UoG alumni can benefit from a postgraduate scholarship discount of 15% off tuition fees.

Discover more at

Female student in lab coat looking at lab sample.

Trips and experiences

You’ll be able to work with other programmers, designers and artists on our year-long collaborative project module to create an industry-standard combined portfolio piece to help propel you into the industry.


In the third semester, you’ll have the option of embarking on a summer industry placement – putting the skills you’ve learned into action inside a professional game development company.

Industry-standard facilities

The MSc Game Development lab is a learning space that’s also a vibrant hub of creativity. It’s a place where your ideas can come to life with the best tools at your fingertips surrounded by like-minded individuals. The lab is part of our suite of Game Technologies facilities, all running the highest spec computers to create a gaming-inspired environment that’s both inspiring and comfortable.

Students playing an exhibited game at COMX

Innovative curriculum with real-world relevance

Dive into a curriculum that’s not only academically rigorous but also closely aligned with industry trends. From VR/AR development to advanced game design. You’ll be working individually and in teams on projects and concepts that prepare you directly for the exciting challenges of the gaming industry.

Student with VR headset working at a computer

A personalised, one-to-one mentorship

At UoG, you’re not just another student. The course team’s personalised approach means you receive individual attention and mentorship, tailored to your unique strengths and career goals. This level of support is invaluable for developing your skills and confidence as a game developer.

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