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Daniel’s startup business now has clients all over the world

Daniels’ start up business ‘Concilium Search’ has shot to success after he and 8 others set it up shortly after graduation. His now £19m business has clients all around the world, with a team of 80 employees and international offices in New York and Amsterdam.

“Being part of a fast-growing start-up means that no two days are the same. The variety in my Business Management course at University of Gloucestershire gave me a fantastic grounding to be able to tackle new challenges as they arose within my company.

I had initially wanted to join a larger multinational, but subsequently decided that a smaller company would be a better fit following several discussions with my lecturers. I love the pace and unpredictability that comes from being part of a start-up, and can endorse working for smaller organisations to anyone. Had I not come to that realisation and not been as comfortable taking calculated risks, I would likely not be where I am today.

The networks developed throughout university will serve you for the rest of your career, so try to engage with peers and lecturers as much as possible whilst you’re at university.”

View Daniels’ course Business Management (BA Hons)