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I gained invaluable work experience with an established product photographer

International student Michal gained experience of applying his classroom knowledge in a real-world setting during his degree in Photography: Editorial & Advertising.

One of the highlights of my time at university was the invaluable work experience I gained with an established product photographer, Alex Jones. This opportunity allowed me to apply my classroom knowledge to real-world projects, deepening my understanding of the industry and refining my technical skills. Through this work experience, I realised that my passion extended beyond photography, leading me to explore the world of videography.

In my final year at the university, I managed to start my first job in the creative industry as an in-house product videographer. This role has been an exciting opportunity to apply the skills I had developed throughout my course and work experience.

Beyond my academic pursuits, I actively engaged with the university community as a student ambassador. Being a representative of the university was an amazing experience, allowing me to connect with prospective students and share my positive experiences from the student life.

Moreover, I’ve found friends for a lifetime within the Boardriders Society. As a member, I had the chance to try new activities such as surfing, skiing and skateboarding and proudly represent the University in various skiing competitions. Overall, my student journey at UoG has been an incredible experience, shaping my path in the world of photography and beyond.