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I gained invaluable work experience, now I’m now living my dream in one of the most beautiful cities on the planet.

International student (now graduate) Michal got his dream job working on film sets in Vancouver, applying all he’d learnt throughout his degree in Photography: Editorial & Advertising.

“During my 3rd year, I went on the course trip to Vancouver. This was a life changing experience – I fell in love with the city, the surrounding mountains and the people, who are great.

Now I live there!

Soon after graduating I moved to Vancouver where almost immediately, I secured a job as a Junior Capture Technician. I’m responsible for VFX scanning of props and cast for a massively diverse range of film productions.

I also work on indie films and commercials, as a Production Assistant/Trainee Assistant Director, and right now on a Disney film (can’t say which one). It’s an absolute dream come true for me.

The learning and experiences I had with Photography: Ed & Ad were truly awesome – the course totally prepared me for being employable and industry-ready straight after graduating.

One of the highlights of my time at university was the invaluable work experience I gained with an established product photographer, Alex Jones. This opportunity allowed me to apply my classroom knowledge to real-world projects, deepening my understanding of the industry and refining my technical skills. Through this work experience, I realised that my passion extended beyond photography, leading me to explore the world of videography.

In my final year at UoG, I managed to start my first job in the creative industry as an in-house product videographer. This role was an exciting opportunity to apply the skills I had developed throughout my course and work experience.

Thanks to Photography: Ed & Ad, I’m now living my dream, in one of the most beautiful cities on the planet.”