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I shoot editorials for Vogue UK

“The areas of the Photography: Editorial & Advertising course that focus on preparing you for life after the course are invaluable. Having real and realistic conversations about what your first steps can/will be a “huge benefit, and the graduates from the course who have gone on to have successful careers are always happy to offer advice on the best steps to take. 

“I now shoot editorials in fashion and portraiture for Vogue Uk, Vogue Hong Kong, Vogue Portugal, Manifesto Magazine and ES Magazine to name a few.

“For years I wasn’t sure whether university was the right path for me, but I was so happy I chose this “course. It gave me the room to experiment, use the facilities as much as possible and take as much encouragement, advice and wisdom from lecturers who genuinely cared and took a real interest in not only my work, but in me as a person.

“The people I’ve spoken to post-university and the positive things I’ve heard about the course mean that in my opinion, Ed & Ad at UoG would easily rank as one of the top 3 photography courses in the country.”

David Vail, fashion photograper and Photography: Editorial & Advertising graduate