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If I ever needed anything, my tutors were there to help

Tyrai graduated with a first-class honours degree in Law LLB and now works for WSP Solicitors.

“As someone who made the last-minute decision to go to university, I can definitely say that it has been the best experience. My time studying on the LLB Law course at University of Gloucestershire has not only given me the professional skills that are needed to progress in a career in law, but it has allowed me to make amazing friendships and given me the invaluable experience of personal development which I will carry into the future with me. 

“One of the highlights of my time at university was when we got to simulate a court trial. During this, we worked alongside the students of Professional Policing and I was given the opportunity to practise cross-examination. This activity was great because it gave us the chance to work collaboratively to practise using more practical skills that we had acquired on the course. Also, it was just a lot of fun trying to catch the policing students out!

“Another aspect of my university experience which was fundamental to me was the individualised support that I received as a student throughout my degree. Studying for any degree is not an easy task, so it was comforting to know that if ever I needed anything, my tutors would be there to help, whether that be a walk-in visit to their office or a quick chat after a lecture. Also, importantly, this hasn’t stopped even as a graduate; I know that if ever I need any advice the support will still be there. 

“Completing my law degree is my proudest achievement and I am incredibly glad I did it at University of Gloucestershire.”