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I’ve greatly developed my research skills

Anh Phan Sarah is from Viet Nam and is studying BA (Hons) Business and Marketing Management.


I am a student in the programme which partners the University of Economics and Finance (Viet Nam) with the University of Gloucestershire (UK). I studied in Viet Nam for two years before continuing my education in the United Kingdom for two remaining years. While preparing to transfer my studies to the United Kingdom, I received enthusiastic assistance from the student advisers, who assured me that my documents were in good order.

While studying in Vietnam, I participated in the Great Britain International Student Association (GISA) club. This club gave me numerous opportunities to participate in British cultural activities. In addition, my engagement in the club has made me realise that I have to transfer to the United Kingdom to experience the culture and customs directly.

Living in Gloucestershire

I love the air quality here – it is very fresh. In Viet Nam, everyone uses motorbikes, which release emissions, resulting in air pollution. I live outside the Oxstalls campus. Typically, I commute to school via bus.

The course

I am very keen on this course. My challenge is studying in a new environment and making new friends. However, I try my best to meet these challenges. Also, the lecturers are very helpful. They are eager to assist me with everything I have not yet grasped, and I am very appreciative of this help. In addition to my studies, I also have a part-time job. I had the opportunity to make new friends from different countries, giving me an interesting insight into their culture.

I intend to return to Viet Nam at the end of the year when the Lunar New Year takes place so I can celebrate with my family.

Development and ambitions

The primary skill I have been developing in the UK is research skills. I have to do many assessments at the University, so research skills were my most crucial. 

Studying in the UK is helpful for me as it will increase my opportunities in Viet Nam upon my return. I have gained knowledge and experience in the UK and learned how to communicate with foreigners. Therefore, I can be a suitable candidate for a worldwide company.


I advise other international students to get as much experience or knowledge as possible before coming to the UK. In addition, the University’s website is an excellent resource for them to discover anything of interest.