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I’ve had a solo show at the ADIDAS HQ and shot a Nike campaign

Photography: Editorial & Advertising at UoG was my first choice for a few reasons. Most importantly, the tutors actually really cared, not just about what they were teaching, but about their students and how they could best help them. This was true throughout the course.

“I learnt so many skills throughout my time on the course – not just technical. I learnt a lot about myself as a photographer – what I wanted to photograph because when I came on the course, I had no idea, so the course helped prepare me for working within the creative industries.

“We had a lot of workshops and industry talks which helped prepare us how to write a CV, set up as a working photographer, get a portfolio of work together and be able to talk about our work to clients.

“Since graduating I’ve been working with brands such as Bacardi and Facebook, shot the front cover of a music magazine, and had a solo show at the ADIDAS HQ in Germany. I’ve also just shot a Nike campaign which really was a dream come true.

“I’d definitely recommend the Ed & Ad Photography course as you learn so much, from techniques, equipment, different photographic styles, moving image, how to put on an exhibition, academic writing and social media. The list goes on…”

Ellie Ramsden, professional photographer and Photography: Editorial & Advertising graduate