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Kieran’s already been offered a job in San Francisco

Kieran is a computer games design student at University of Gloucestershire and is currently on placement at Unity, a leading game engine provider.

“I’m currently on placement as an art evangelist, we travel around countries in Europe and Africa and present at games conferences and meet clients.”

“My role is art evangelist, we travel around countries in Europe and Africa and present at conferences and meet clients. Probably one of the most important aspects of our job is getting in touch with our community and being able to meet the developers who are using the product. It’s incredibly rewarding, my favourite part of the job is being able to meet the people who are inspired by our demos and videos and are using Unity as a way of using their imagination.

It’s incredible I never thought I would end up working for a company such as Unity. This time last year I was the person going to these conferences and events and aspiring to be like one of these games developers on the stage and now it’s completely switched. I’m now the one on the stage presenting to aspiring games developers and that’s the weirdest part about it. After demonstrations I get contacted on social media, people say “hey I saw your talk and I’m now inspired to use it” that is the best part. So far, I’ve been to Portugal, Lithuania, Sweden, Dublin and then there will be lots more in the summer. I have a lot of responsibility here and they want to give you the best launchpad.

I hope to work here after graduating. I have already been offered a job in San Francisco for Unity as part of a new team but hopefully I will get to carry on working here in this role as it is my dream job.

During my time at uni so far my lecturers were always very understanding of me and pushed me to keep going and do different things. I won the best games designer of the year and I won a scholarship, from the university, for achieving the highest average grade in the whole of computing and technology and all of this is because the lecturers are constantly pushing me to get the grades and work hard.

My best advice to other students is to work hard and it will pay off and dream big. There is nothing stopping you from getting into these companies, here I am working for one of the biggest games companies in the world. Treat feedback as a gift, don’t be offended by feedback, people want you to do well.”

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