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Lucy works alongside England Rugby Squad

Lucy Burnett, final year Sports Therapy student.

“I was given an exciting opportunity to engage with the Senior Men’s England Rugby Squad to assist and observe as they used the facilities at the University for their medical screening and testing day.

It felt like a once-in-a-lifetime and invaluable experience to be able to spend the day working alongside these elite athletes, shadowing the staff, and learning about the different screening methods they use and why.

As a sports therapy student, I learned a lot about the importance of screening for injuries and how observing basic biomechanical movements of the body can help us to predict if someone is more likely to be predisposed to certain injuries or pathologies – it was really interesting seeing some of the same methods that we are taught at university used on the England squad.

It was also great to see how well and efficiently both the staff and players all worked together in such a close-knit group to get the best out of the athletes.

It has made me very excited to graduate and has given me the confidence to employ my skills learned at university and transfer them into a working environment, hopefully not too far from the environment I was able to experience with the England squad.”