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My personal tutor has been a life saver for me

Adam is in his first year studying BA (Hons) Illustration

“My course is a good balance between highly commercial courses like graphic design and less commercial courses like fine art. I also chose UOG illustration for the print-making facilities and its up-to-date approach to digital art. The facilities include different types of vintage printing presses for lino and mono prints. We also have three rooms dedicated to screen printing (for light treatment, rinsing screens with water and inking). The Apple Mac’s and i-pads are also useful features for students who haven’t invested in these items yet. The university is also located in a convenient part of the country, being somewhat near Bristol, Bath and Leamington.

“Having a personal tutor means that you always have a point of contact to email and meet up with whenever you’re stuck. Without a personal tutor, you’re more at the whim of asking moodle and other students what to do, so my personal tutor has been a life saver for me.

“The lecture slides are informative and in-depth and the tutoring is personal and observant. One of my biggest struggles is with time wasting as a result of perfectionism. As a result, I was taught to simplify my work to develop my ideas more efficiently. I also appreciate being surrounded by other creative people for inspiration and motivation and to learn from others around me. “