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Computer and Cyber Forensics BSc (Hons) arrow right icon

Immerse yourself in all aspects of cyber forensics and how cybercrime happens.

Cyber and Computer Security BSc (Hons) arrow right icon

Study the cyber environments of banks, high-security digital environments, ecommerce and social…

Computing (Level 6) BSc (Hons) arrow right icon

On this one-year top-up degree, specialise in a range of areas such as forensic computing, cyber…
Postgraduate research

Psychological Sciences arrow right icon

We offer research opportunities in Cognitive Psychology, Neuroscience, Social Cognition, Forensic…
Postgraduate research

Technical and Applied Computing arrow right icon

Undertake research in areas like applied computing, artificial intelligence, cyber security, big…
Postgraduate taught

Cyber Security MSc arrow right icon

This course is designed for those wishing to develop a career as a cyber security professional or to…

Cyber Security Technical Professional Apprenticeship BSc (Hons) arrow right icon

Want to join a challenging Cyber Security industry? Then this is the course for you.

Forensic Psychology BSc (Hons) arrow right icon

Study the challenging subject of Forensic Psychology – from anti-social behaviour and sexual…
Postgraduate taught

Forensic Psychology MSc arrow right icon

Develop the expertise for forensic psychology with a sound appreciation of research evidence.

Criminology and Psychology BSc (Hons) arrow right icon

Study the causes of offending behaviour, the effects of crime and the criminal justice system.

Psychology BSc (Hons) arrow right icon

Study the science of being human on this BPS-accredited step towards a career in psychology.

Business and Management (Digital Business) BA (Hons) arrow right icon

Want to be career-ready for a job in business and management? Choose to specialise in Digital…