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Value for money

Living costs

As well as paying tuition fees, many students are concerned about living costs and other charges and costs faced at university. Find out more about what we’re doing to help.

Reviewing expenses and keeping you informed

Inevitably, there are charges that students face for additional things like overseas trips, and what we can afford to provide for free varies from course to course. Some subjects need more expensive equipment and specialist laboratories, while others give priority to broadening students’ experience through free field trips. 

We have worked closely with the Students’ Union to ensure that clear information is given on the website about the additional costs you may face as a student on each course. 

We know that rents are a big expense for students so we review the rents we charge for University-managed accommodation every year.  We have also made a number of investments into important things to help our students live the life they want to in Gloucestershire. For example, every student receives printing credit every semester to help with the costs of printing.   

And every year, we set aside some money to provide financial support for students through bursaries and hardship funds