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Value for money

Where does our money come from?

With changes to government funding in recent years, tuition fees and education contracts now account for the majority of our income, at 75.1%.

The remainder comes from a range of sources including funding body grants (7.8%), research grants and contracts (2.7%), endowment and investments (1.2%), and other income such as accommodation, external conferences, events and catering contracts (13.1%).

The table below provides an overview of University of Gloucestershire’s income.

IncomePercentage of total
Funding body grants7.8%
Tuition fees and education contracts75.1%
Research grants and contracts2.7%
Other income13.1%
Endowment and investment income1.2%
Expenditure(£’000)Percentage %
Academic departments40,26745.6%
Academic services11,17412.6%
Residences and catering operations (including conferences)3,9224.4%
Central administration and services21,32324.1%
Research grants and contracts2,5982.9%
Other expenditure2,3892.7%

While teaching students is our primary concern, we’re also focused on making a difference in and contributing to our local and national communities.

In 2022/23, the University spent £51.4 million (58% of our total spend) on academic departments and services and staff and student facilities. This is the money that is invested to provide the best quality teaching and learning experience that we can for our students.

A further £11.3 million (13%) was spent on our premises and residences. This includes maintenance and general improvements, as well as money spent on ensuring our security, catering and other services are as good as possible.

Of the remainder, £21.3 million (24% of the total) was spent on bursaries and scholarships as well as central administration and services. The central administration and services are things we have to do to keep the University running successful, such as having a Finance Department, keeping accurate student records, and organising graduation ceremonies. We spend a further £2.6 million on research grants and contracts (3% of the total).

Over the past few years, the University has put a lot investment into helping students gain employability skills. Every student at University of Gloucestershire has access to the Your Future Plan scheme, which provides help, advice and practical sessions to explore career options, gain work experience, build skills and discover strengths and ambitions. This service helps students to prepare for building a successful career on completion of their degree.

More detailed information on how we manage our money can be found in our latest financial report.