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Academic Merit Scholarship 2022/23

Last updated: 16 September 2022


Recipients of the University of Gloucestershire’s Academic Merit Scholarship will receive a maximum of £1,200 spread across the duration of your degree course, with payments made (i) upon enrolment to level 4, (ii) upon progression to level 5, and (iii) upon progression to level 6.


Before you can be considered for a scholarship you must also ensure that you:

Scholarship details

The bursary will be paid directly into student’s bank accounts in three instalments:

Entry dateInstalment 1: at initial enrolmentInstalment 2: upon progression to L5Instalment 3: upon progression to L6
September 2022£400 at end of Nov 2022 £400 at end of Nov 2023* £400 at end of Nov 2024*
September 2022 (fast-track) £400 at end of Nov 2022 £400 at end of Jul 2023* £400 at end of Feb 2024*
January 2023£400 at end of Feb 2023 £400 at end of Feb 2024* £400 at end of Feb 2025*
* These dates are indicative of a student undertaking a 3-year full-time undergraduate degree or a 2-year fast-track undergraduate degree.  The instalment dates may differ for students who are undertaking different study patterns.

Important notes

There are various circumstances which will exclude a student from the Academic Merit Scholarship. Please read the list of general exclusions set out below:

Application process

If you satisfy the full eligibility criteria, the University of Gloucestershire will notify you of your award within 3 months of the commencement of your course.

Annual Renewal of the Academic Merit Scholarship

Points to note

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