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Applying for a Standard Visitor visa to study

Last updated: 17 March 2023

Note:  visa nationals must apply in advance for a Standard Visitor visa, while non-visa nationals can apply for a Standard Visitor Visa at the UK border.

Step 1: Obtain a Standard Visitor visa support letter

To obtain a Standard Visitor visa support letter, please complete the specified form (online or by hand) and email it to

Step 2:  Familiarise yourself with the visa application process and guidance

Visit the UK Government’s Standard Visitor visa web page – link below. Everything you need to know about applying as a Standard Visitor should be available there. There are also links to a number of important documents, including the full guide to supporting documents.

Step 3:  Complete the application form and book an appointment at your nearest Visa Application Centre  (Visa nationals only)

You will need to book an appointment at your nearest visa application centre as part of your application. If you wish to submit your application via a premium route, please check that such an option is available by contacting the visa application centre direct.

Step 4: Attend your appointment and submit your documents (Visa nationals only)

At the appointment you will need to:

*Please make sure you submit ALL required documents. We recommend that you keep photocopies of your completed application and all submitted documents, including your passport.

Step 5:  Receive and check your Standard Visitor visa (Visa nationals only)

When you get your visa, it is essential that you check it carefully to ensure that:

If any of the above details are incorrect, you should contact the Visa Application Centre that handled your application and request an amendment prior to travelling to the UK.

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