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British Council GREAT Scholarship in partnership with University of Gloucestershire

Last updated: 6 November 2023

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Scholarships can only be awarded to offer holders in MA Education or MSC Psychology who
    are passport holders of Bangladesh or Pakistan
  2. If a course/programme lasts longer than one year, the scholarships will be offered for the
    first year of study only
  3. Scholarships will be offered at postgraduate taught (Master’s) level only
  4. Scholarships will be offered for the study of full-time, on-campus postgraduate taught for MA
    Education (1 scholarship available) and MSc Psychology (1 scholarship available)
  5. Scholarships can only be awarded to applicants who are classified by the University as an
    international tuition fee payer
  6. As a condition of the award of a scholarship, recipients are required to take part in student
    ambassador and/or mentoring schemes
  7. Scholarships are only available for September 2024 entry (a scholarship award may not be
  8. Applicants for scholarships are required to submit a completed application form by 30 April
  9. The application form will be available via the website to all eligible offer holders
  10. Scholarships can only be awarded to applicants who are offer holders and have firmly
    accepted their offer on 30 April 2024

Selection Criteria:

  1. Academic excellence over and above the criteria required for admission to the PGT
    programme selected
  2. Proficiency in English language
  3. If required, attend and pass a selection interview with the academic course leader

GREAT Scholars must:

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