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Declaration of Good Health and Character

Last updated: 16 April 2024

Health & Social Care Student Declaration

By ticking the Declaration of Good Health and Character agreement box in ARC, I declare that my health and character are sufficient to enable me to practice safely and effectively and confirm that the information submitted at the time of starting this programme of study was true and accurate.

I understand that I must inform the HSC Placements Team of any changes or updates to my Health and Character Status at the point of occurrence.

I understand that if I do not inform the University of Gloucestershire of any changes to my circumstances as soon as I am aware of them, this could jeopardise my place on the programme and/or prevent me from registering/graduating at the conclusion of the course.

If you feel that you cannot agree to this declaration of Good Health & Character, please discuss this with your Academic Course Lead or HSC Placements Team and do not tick the confirmation box.

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