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Halls of Residence Arrival Information

Last updated: 13 April 2021

When can I move into my Halls of residence?

Halls of Residence move-in dates vary depending on where you are living. Below confirms the dates you can move into your new Halls of Residence:

Oxstalls and Ermin Halls of residence:

Move-in will take place over 2 days from Friday 17th to Saturday 18th September 2021.

Park Villas and Challinor Halls of residence:

Move-in will take place over 2 days from Friday 17th to Saturday 18th September 2021.

Hardwick Halls of residence:

Move-in will take place on Saturday 18th September 2021.

Why are there two move-in dates at for Park and Oxstalls students?

This is due to the number of students arriving so the move-in process needs to take place over two days.

Booking an arrival slot

Once you have fully accepted your room offer, you will be able to book an arrival slot within your Halls Portal (see instructions below.) There will be hourly slots available between 10am to 4pm on each move-in day. It is a compulsory requirement to book an arrival slot. There are a limited number of slots per hour to manage the number of people on site at one time. Therefore, we recommend you book early to get your desired slot.

Please note that we are unable to accommodate early arrivals. If you plan to arrive later than Saturday 18th September please email and include your name, room number, anticipated arrival date and approximate arrival time. We will then provide alternative arrival instructions.

There is an arrival booking system in place within your Halls Portal designed to control the number of people moving in at one time. You can access this booking system as follows:

Please note: you will have this 1-hour window to complete moving into your Halls. Friends and family who come with you should aim to leave site by the end of this period to help control the number of people and vehicles on site.

Where do I collect my keys?

Hardwick Campus for Avon, Severn & Thames students:

Hardwick campus reception
St Pauls Road
GL50 4BS

Park Campus for Jenner, Dowty, Grace & Challinor students:

Park Campus Reception
The Park
GL50 2RH

Oxstalls Campus for Birdlip, May, Crickley, Chalford, Coopers, Robinswood and Ermin Hall students:

Oxstalls Campus Reception
Oxstalls Lane

Key collection

It is important that students should arrive on the date and 1-hour time slot booked via the Halls Portal. On arrival, please report the relevant key collection point stated above. Here you will receive your keys and student card. A Halls welcome pack will also be provided. This pack will include your Halls Handbook along with other useful information.

Students will need to come to the key collection point on their own to reduce the amount of people waiting. Please ensure you keep a suitable distance from other students in the key collection line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get charged an extra night if I move-in on Friday 17th September*?

No, you will only be charged from your contract start date of Saturday 18th September.

Will Halls be quiet if I chose to move-in early*?

It is difficult to tell which dates students move-in. However, it is possible that Halls might be slightly quieter on Friday 17th Sept. If this concerns you, we recommend choosing Saturday 18th September. You might also want to communicate with other students via the Halls Facebook pages (see below) to find out when housemates are planning to arrive.

*Park and Oxstalls Halls students only.

What will my postal address be and where are my Halls?

Your postal address will be your halls/block name and room number (found in your room offer within the Halls Portal) followed by the relevant Halls address found here. This page also features a map of Cheltenham and Gloucester showing the locations of all University of Gloucestershire halls of residence.

Could you help me with directions?

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You can plan the journey to collect your keys by entering the relevant campus postcode stated above into Google Maps (Hardwick: GL50 4BS, Park Campus: GL50 2RH, Oxstalls Campus: GL2 9HW.)

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For Ermin students, the below link provides directions from your Oxstalls key collection point to your new Halls: From Oxstalls Campus (GL2 9HW) to Ermin Hall (GL1 3JP)

How do I enroll before arrival?

The university will send you information about enrolling during the Summer. Completing the enrolment process ensures your university student card will be available for collection on move-in day.

Why do I need to collect my student card on arrival?

Most of our halls of residence are accessed via this student card (but we also have back-up door codes available if needed.) Your ID is also used to access other services along with getting discounted bus access.

Is cleaning provided in rooms and communal areas?

No, a cleaning service will be provided in the stairwells, However, it is the students responsibility to keep rooms, kitchens, communal areas and corridors and communal toilets (where provided) clean along with transporting rubbish and waste to the relevant bins.

Is bedding included and what size is my bed?

Bedding is not provided. All Halls rooms feature a standard size single bed.

I’ve accepted my room but no longer require it, what should I do?

Please email as soon as possible! If you notify us by Friday 3rd September 2021 your contract will be ended, and the £200 Advance Rent Payment fee will be returned to you.

After this date (i.e. within two weeks before the licence period commencement) if notice is received the university will return the Advance Rent, minus any deductions incurred from late notification, including but not limited to the reasonable costs of additional marketing of the room and the licence is ended.

If you notify us on or after your contract date (Saturday 18th 2021) or move into Halls on Friday 17th September*, you will be liable for rent for the year unless a suitable replacement student is found. See your Halls of residence terms & conditions for full details.

Where can my family/friends park to unload on arrival?

Depending on the location, you should be able to park close to your Halls on arrival. However, once unloaded within your 1-hour arrival slot you will need to move your motor vehicle to an external car park immediately.

Please note that the specific time slots for each Halls are in place to assist with parking and ease congestion along with ensuring safety so please arrive within the timeslot booked.

Do not forget that students in Halls are not allowed motor vehicles in either Cheltenham or Gloucester. If you bring your own vehicle to unload your belongings you will need to arrange for it to be taken back home the same day.

How do I access the internet in my room/Halls?

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All Halls feature fast internet access Wi-Fi and you can access this service by following the instructions here.

What activities will be taking place on each move-in day?

There will be a welcome event taking place and more details will be provided during the summer period.

Will there be a Welcome Talk for Halls students?

Yes, your Residential Support Adviser (RSA) will hold a welcome talk at the end of each move-in day and further details will be provided during the summer period. Your RSA we also be producing a Halls Induction video which will be sent to you by email during the summer period.

Further Useful Information

Registering with a GP

We will be sending out information to you via email in August 2021 to register with your local doctors’ surgery before arrival. You can find out more about your local surgery below:

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Cheltenham-based students: The Underwood Surgery provide a full range of general medical services.. You can find out more information by visiting their website.

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Gloucester based students: The Alney Practice is very close to Oxstalls Campus and offers a full range of general medical services. You can find out more information by visiting their website. 

Endsleigh Insurance cover

Endsleigh will be providing you with contents insurance for your room. This service is included in your rent. More details regarding this cover will be sent via email during the summer period.

Halls of residence Facebook pages

If you haven’t done so already, why not join our official 2020/21 Facebook page for each Halls complex? This is a great way to meet your future Hall-mates before arrival.

We’ll also be updating these pages with the latest accommodation news, including links to live chats and the latest activities. Simply open the links below for your halls complex and select ‘Join Group.’

Accommodation staff with then authenticate and provide access (this happens during office hours Monday to Friday).

Please note that you will only be authorised access to the halls complex for the residence you are allocated to. Any external advertising posted by users will be removed and ongoing issues may lead to users being removed.

Become a Halls Rep in your new Halls

You have a great opportunity to become a Halls Rep for the 2021/22 academic year.

This voluntary role is your chance to make your mark and contribute to creating an amazing living experience in halls. You will play a vital welcoming role on move-in day, help organise events and shape your halls community.

As a Halls Rep you will work alongside the Residential Support Team to provide a positive student experience in university accommodation.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Attend a Virtual Halls Rep welcome event in August 2021. Here you will meet your fellow Halls Reps and your Residential Support Adviser.
  2. Move into your Halls of residence the weekend of Saturday 11th September which is prior to the main arrival’s days starting on Wednesday 15th September. Please note that you will not be charged rent for these additional nights.
  3. Attend our compulsory Halls Rep training day on Monday 13th September.
  4. Assist your Residential Support Adviser with Halls preparation prior to our main move-in days.
  5. Assist the Accommodation team on our main move-in days from Wednesday 15th to Saturday 18th September.
  6. Engage in regular, proactive communication with your Residential Support Adviser to highlight notable issues or concerns within Halls of residence.
  7. Maintain a regular visual presence within your Halls by visiting each flat/floor (twice per week at varying times if possible.)
  8. Help create a positive community within your Halls of residence building and complex. This will include the development, promotion and running of a positive social program to encourage Halls interaction and a community feeling.
  9. Attend relevant meetings and focus groups related to Halls of residence.
  10. Gather feedback from students within Halls of residence.
  11. Keep regular contact with Halls students, fellow Halls Reps, and your Residential Support Adviser.
  12. Be vigilant and mindful of welfare within Halls of residence and highlight any concerns to your Residential Support Adviser (whilst understanding the role is not for the purpose of directly providing support on health or welfare issues).
  13. Attend training related to the role. Please note that these sessions will be held at times which should not clash with studies wherever possible. Additionally, some sessions by be held virtually.
  14. Assist accommodation staff at university events where necessary. This may involve speaking to prospective students and parents. You may also need to conduct Halls of residence tours.
  15. Communicate important messages and promote campaigns.
  16. Help spread the university sustainability message around Halls of residence.
  17. Attend termly monitoring meeting to review performance.


  • Introduction to the Role, Accommodation & Student Services
  • Halls move-in preparation training
  • Students in Crisis training
  • Your Future Plan session
  • Mental Health and Disability Awareness training
  • Drug awareness

Opportunities & Benefits:

As well as providing invaluable training this role provides excellent work experience to help increase your employability and enhance your CV. It can also be a great platform for other roles within the university.

Employability award: Through links with the Your Future Plan team you will be able to log your experience and work towards an employability award.

Whilst this is a voluntary role, Halls Reps will have the opportunity to work towards a termly performance rewards in the form of Amazon vouchers. These include a £20 Bronze award, £30 Silver award and a £50 Gold award.

Additionally, you will be given the opportunity to earn further rewards by performing optional tasks set by Student Services other university Departments.

You will be part of a great team and receive an exclusive Halls Rep t-shirt with your name printed on it!

As a Halls Rep you can make a real difference, represent the student voice, and help form a positive, inclusive community.

Who are we looking for?

We welcome applications from students who have.

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Confidence when talking with a diverse group of people
  • Ability to use initiative and work as part of a team
  • Genuine enthusiasm for promoting halls life and creating a community
  • An organised and professional approach to all
  • Ability to affectively refer students to university staff
  • Ability to use initiative

If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you!

How do I apply?

  • The recruitment process in now live and applying is simple, email, with your full name and halls name, and provide a paragraph on ‘Why I would be a great Halls Rep.’
  • Your Residential Support Adviser will then contact to discuss the role and your interest further. This will either take place on the telephone or virtual chat via Microsoft Teams.
  • Following this conversation, we will review your application and confirm if you have been successful.

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