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Admissions and Enrolment

Interviews and Auditions

Interview Preparation

Last updated: 11 December 2020


All programmes that interview or hold auditions for short-listed applicants will have this specified on the course information page. However, a small number of applicants will be interviewed for other programmes where this is appropriate; typically this will include candidates applying as mature students and those without conventional academic qualifications.

Invitation to Interview or Audition

Notification will be sent through UCAS for applications to full-time undergraduate programmes. Invitations for Postgraduate or part-time applications will be sent to you directly by the Admissions and Enrolment Team.

It is essential after you make an application through UCAS that you check UCAS Track regularly.

It is essential that you accept or decline your interview or audition invitation via UCAS Track for all undergraduate full-time applications. Failure to do so may result in your slot being allocated to another applicant. If you are experiencing problems in accepting your interview/audition offer you should notify UCAS immediately.

The Interview

Your interview is a two way process; it’s as much about you finding out more about your course, meeting with academic staff and current students and becoming more familiar with the University and ensuring we are the right place for you to study as it is us assessing if you are right for the course.

Successful Interview or Audition

Applicants who are successful at interview or audition will be offered a place on the course they have been interviewed for. If it is not possible to offer you a place on your chosen course then we may be able to consider you for a place on a course that is in a similar field to the one you applied for.

Applicants who have applied to study on an undergraduate full-time programme and are successful at interview or audition will be notified through UCAS.

Applicants for postgraduate and part-time programmes will be informed of the decision by written confirmation from the Admissions Team.

Unsuccessful Interview or Audition

Applicants who are unsuccessful at interview at audition will be informed through UCAS, if they have applied for a full-time undergraduate programme. These applicants can request further feedback if they email within 2 weeks of receiving notification of a rejection decision post interview.

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