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Requesting a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)

Last updated: 8 September 2022

What is a CAS?

CAS stands for ‘Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies’. This is a secure electronic record, generated by the University and shared with UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). It contains detailed information about you, your course of study and your fees, and has a unique reference number. Once a CAS has been generated, you will ordinarily be emailed a statement of the relevant information (known as a ‘CAS Statement’), which you will need when completing your online visa application form. If a visa application is submitted before a corresponding CAS has been generated, it will be refused by UKVI.

How do I request a CAS?

To request a CAS, once you have firmly accepted an unconditional offer, please work your way through the following steps:

  1. Download and complete a CAS Request Form, ensuring you complete all required fields
  2. Sign and date the Declaration (Section F) – signature may be written, typed or digitally signed
  3. Forward an electronic copy of your completed CAS Request Form to the Immigration Team, along with the following supporting documents:
    • An electronic copy of your passport photo page
    • Electronic copies of all previous UK visas (if answering YES to question C7)
    • Electronic copies of all UK visa refusal notifications (if answering YES to question C8)
    • Electronic copies of the financial documents you propose to submit with your visa application
  4. If you are starting a new course, submit your advance tuition fee payment of £3,000 using the university’s Quick Pay or bank transfer facility. Please note, if you have a complicated immigration history and are uncertain as to whether you will be eligible to receive a CAS, you may initially submit your CAS Request Form without making this payment. Once your eligibility for a CAS has been confirmed, you will then be instructed to submit the advance tuition fee payment. Please ensure you apply for your CAS several weeks before the deadline if this is the case, as your payment must have been received by the CAS deadline, and it will take time for us to check your documentation.

When should I request a CAS?

You should submit your CAS Request Form (plus supporting documents) as soon as practicable after meeting the conditions of your offer, and no later than the relevant deadline stated below. Please note, however, that in accord with UKVI regulations, the university will issue a CAS no earlier than six months before your course start date.

What is the latest date the university will accept a CAS request?

The latest date the university will accept a CAS request is dependent on the course start date – please see the table below for further information. By the respective date listed below, you must have firmly accepted an unconditional offer, submitted a completed CAS Request Form and all supporting documentation, and the University must have received your deposit payment.

CourseStandard Application
Overseas Application

All courses with a January 2023 start date
Application from within the UK

All courses with a January 2023 start date
One week before course start date

Please note: the University has a limited number of CAS that can be issued, so please apply early to avoid disappointment. Receiving an Unconditional Offer for a place on the programme does not guarantee you will receive a CAS. The University will process requests on a first-come first-served basis, and we expect our CAS processing to take five working days, assuming all required documentation has been supplied.

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